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Our Practice

NJ and NY Practice Areas

  • Family Law
  • Divorce & Separation
  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Alimony
  • Equitable Distribution 
  • Prenuptial Agreements 
  • Domestic Violence 
  • Dependency and Child Abuse/Neglect
  • Adoption 
  • Name Changes
  • Contested Estate Litigation
  • Guardianship Litigation

We Fight for You

 We are focused and driven to help you fight for your rights in any family law situation that you may encounter.  We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing smart, sensible, and cost-effective family law solutions for our clients.   We are fully committed to exceeding client expectations.  Let us show you.

The Advantage of Experience

Our family lawyers have been working for our clients for over 20 years, and have a proven track record of success.  We are at the forefront of ever-changing laws and work closely with our clients to keep them informed about the latest developments that affect their case. We use our experience as dedicated divorce lawyers to help you get through the worst time of your life.  Schedule your free consultation today.

Our Principles

  • Kids come 1st
  • There are no winners
  • Don’t spend more on counsel fees than you’re going to make or save
  • Don’t let a judge make a decision you can make by yourself
  • Communication is the key to a successful outcome in any family law case

Our Goals

  • Educate our clients so they understand their rights
  • Get through the case quickly
  • Be conscious of costs
  • Reduce our client’s stress as much as possible
  • Ensure that our client always has a great relationship with their children  
  • Promote civility between the parties during and after the case

Our Pledge

We have built our family law practice on several principles: hard work on behalf of our clients, reliability, and honesty.  Should we undertake your representation and become your attorney, we will work diligently and tenaciously on your behalf, answer all of your questions in a timely manner, keep you informed as to progress of your case, and devote our full efforts to resolving your matter.  This is our promise.  Thank you and we look forward to serving you.  

Do You Need More Information About Your Family Law Case?

 We have assisted many clients in New York and New Jersey through the most difficult times of their lives providing legal counsel with all issues that families face, including: divorce & separation, child custody, child support, alimony, equitable distribution, domestic violence, prenuptial agreements, adoption, LGBT marriage rights, paternity, dependency and child abuse/neglect, probate and contested estate litigation and guardianship litigation. Whether you are planning on getting a divorce, are divorced already and are having difficulties with your former spouse relative to alimony, child custody and/or child support, or have other family law issues including those involving contested estates, trusts and guardianship, you must know your rights. Please contact us for a free consultation so we may review your case and provide you with the information that you need to protect your interests.