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How to Divide Personal Property in a Divorce

In a typical divorce case, the parties will divide their property equitably (not equally) so that each party receives roughly half of the marital estate.  In New Jersey, the marital estate consists of all property acquired during the marriage.  The marriage generally starts on the date that the parties are married and ends on the …

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Test Your Divorce Law IQ

INTRO Have you ever heard the saying, “an educated consumer is our best customer?” That adage definitely applies to people who may be getting divorced. Below is a list of basic family law issues you may come across in your case. Take the true or false quiz and see you how you do. The answers …

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Before the Divorce

If you ask many of my colleagues how the divorce process is started, many would probably say that a divorce begins with the filing of a divorce complaint. I disagree with that. The divorce process starts long before a divorce complaint is filed. The breakdown of a marriage sometimes takes years. At the beginning stages …

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